CDT Podcast Launch

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I am happy to announce the launch of the Geospatial Systems CDT Podcast! Designed as a vehicle through which we share our research and our experiences as PhD researchers, the idea for a podcast came about when Neil Sutherland (Cohort 2), Philip Home (Cohort 3) and I were bemoaning the lack of science communication in academia. This project has been bubbling away for over a year now, with the first episode centered around a CDT-wide debate recorded all the way back in January 2022. Featuring the whole CDT (at time of recording) felt like a fitting start to the podcast series, with introduction and closing discussion provided by the three of us.


Working through all the stages of releasing the podcast was a rewarding process and took longer than we anticipated! From scheduling recording sessions, picking discussion topics, audio editing (thanks Phil) and writing the intro jingle, what may seem like a simple task on the surface ended up being a serious undertaking.

If you want to listen to the two episodes we produced, including an enlightening interview with Phil in episode 2, the podcast is available via Spotify now:


We have since handed the podcasting reigns over to Yashvini Shukla (Cohort 4) who has already put her own spin on the podcast by bringing in Andrew Tewkesbury from Airbus Defence and Space as a guest feature, discussing object detection, satellite solutions and the future of remote sensing. Yash has some great ideas for the future of the podcast and expect to see the rest of the crew staying involved too.


Thank you to everyone who has listened already, and to the Geospatial Systems CDT for providing funding for our podcast microphone.