Ordnance Survey funded Research Workshop

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Four of our current CDT students across Newcastle and Nottingham are funded by Ordnance Survey (OS): Anna Klimkowska (Cohort 1 from Nottingham), Kristina Wolf (Cohort 1 from Newcastle), Nasia Apostolopoulou (Cohort 2 from Nottingham) and Tom Goldring (Cohort 5 from Newcastle).  


From 7 to 8 November 2023, all four attended the OS Research workshop held at OS headquarters in Southampton. The OS Research workshop is an annual event where all the researchers OS are sponsoring and collaborating with come together for a couple of days to present their work.


The Research workshop is a great opportunity for researchers to hear about other OS research, share ideas and collaborate across projects. Further, the workshop enables the OS Research team to showcase the work to a broader OS audience and raise recognition in the wider business to the value of the research.


Researchers give a 10-minute-long presentation, after which everyone can ask questions. The presentations are usually grouped by themes, with a brief discussion at the end of each block of presentations, where all presenters participate in a round-up table discussion on topics, such as 3D, Active travel, Digital twins, Cities and Response, Understanding our Cities, and Human and Machine Learning.

The two days provide a great networking opportunity to engage with other researchers and other OS business departments and include a social dinner.

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