Summer Secondment with OSU

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In the summer of 2023, I had been jetting off to the Buckeye state in the US and conducted a ten-week long visit to the Ohio State University (OSU). I have been working in the Simulation Innovation and Modeling Center.


Getting away from the calm and cool British summer and embracing the hot sweaty day in the wild Midwest is truly refreshing. The campus is always quitter during the summer. However, it does not stop the well-known Ohio State University Marching Band working on their summer try-out session. The music and chanting are heard from distance everyday on my way to the office.  Just like these high school kids with wide open eye are ready for a new experience, the whole University is getting organized, reshuffled, and ready for the new challenges in the summer.


My work is about the new Carmenton community, an innovation district that the goes beyond a simple district for the university only. The mixed used arrangement enables work, live, creation and collaboration. With other colleges, we use transportation simulation method to find the optimised parking and public transportation solution to reduce people’s reliance on cars and increase the footfall in the district.


Apart from the work, I also met with researchers from the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis and Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design  and find out how much our work and research interest overlapping. Future collaborations are just on the horizon.


In the spare time, I visited the city of Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles, and tick the box of visiting some world top design and research institutions such the GSD Harvard, MIT DUSP, IIT College of Architecture and ArtCenter College of Design, meeting with old friends, enjoying local food and going sports event.