Effective industrial partnerships are vital to produce the next generation of geospatial engineers and data scientists

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Diverse Partnerships

Whoever you are we welcome and value your contribution to the CDT.


There are many ways for you to partner with the us. We support you through the partnering process to make sure the engagement meets your needs.


SMEs to multi-nationals, for-profit or non-profit. First time working with a CDT or academia? Financial or time constraints? We have engagement options to suit you.


Diverse and Inclusive Partnerships
Impacts and Benefits


Impacts and Benefits

Unlock the potential of academic engagement, subsequent return on investment and the wider impacts by engaging with us. Partnering with us will allow you to inform, shape and advise the research within the CDT, while providing you with the alternative insight and innovation to address the problems you face in new ways. Wider benefits include integration into our ecosystem of industry partners with shared insights, working closely with and supporting upcoming experts and leaders in the geospatial industry, upskilling your work force through collaboration and the wider benefits to your supply chain.


Ways to Engage

We offer a sliding-scale of ways in which you can engage with us. Increased engagement allows you to unlock greater benefits of working with us and subsequent return on investment, which typically involves increased staff time and/or financial commitment.


Ways to Engage

Industry Advisory Board

The Geospatial Systems CDT Industry Advisory Board helps develop and oversea all aspects of the CDT strategy, policy and performance, ensuring industry relevant PhD research and training.


Members from across the Geospatial community provide independent, constructive and strategic guidance on the direction while advising on how we should continue to evolve and are vital to the overall success of the centre and its students. Please click below for a list of current Industry Advisory Board members.



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Return on Investment – What Our Current Partners Say

I cannot speak highly enough of the professional attitude of the staff and students involved in this project, and the results of their hard work was duly published in a well-received academic paper.


The positive collaboration of being part of the CDT will form one of the foundation stones for the future management of this part of the World Heritage Site.

Dr Andrew Birley, CEO, The Vindolanda Trust

It was fantastic to see the students apply their skills to our optimisation of EV charging locations project. Fresh ideas and data were injected into our project, which we continue to work on as we develop our optimal EV charging location solution.

Dr Andrew Jenkins, CEO and Founder, Kinewell Energy

This project has the potential to improve the way in which Ordnance Survey handle multimodal datasets in the creation of complex 3D models at the national scale.

Dr Stefano Cavazzi, Principal Innovation & Research Scientist, Ordnance Survey

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) support of the Geospatial Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) is delivering leading and valuable geospatial insights to support Defence science and technology. Our funding of two PhD studentships is advancing Defence ambitions in digital twins and innovative transfer learning over future, smart cities. As a member of the CDT Industrial Board, we enjoy participating in an energetic CDT that is outwards facing and producing the next generation of geospatial analysts. Events such as the CDT Annual Assembly and Innovation Festival attract diverse, industrial suppliers of relevance to Defence, offering direct access to doctoral students and their research. Our participation and support of the Geospatial Systems CDT continues to offer Defence benefits, while mirroring the Dstl values of innovation, collaboration and impact.


Blueline’s engaged with the CDT Geospatial team to analyse over 9 million sets of journey records in order to better understand mobility trends in our region, helping the firm and other stakeholders to plan for future transport schemes and green policies. The comprehensive reports and analysis produced by the CDT allowed Blueline to make effective strategic decisions based on novel insights and has informed decision-making and our investment into the region. Hugely valuable.

Blueline Group


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