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Dr James Goulding

B34c North Building, University of Nottingham, NG8 1BB


About James

James Goulding is co-director of N/LAB, a centre of excellence in international analytics at the University of Nottingham (see; He lectures in data science, and business analytics and his background is uniquely multidisciplinary with a BSc in Economics, an MA in Management of IT, and a PhD in Machine Learning. He has extensive expertise in the development of novel techniques to analyse large-scale human behavio ural data; research focuses on bridging the gap between behavioural science and recent advances in AI and Machine Learning, particularly to achieve sustainable development goals.


James is highly research active, with with >70 international peer-reviewed publications crossing disciplines of social and computer science, winner of ACM Engelbart prize for data theory and Centre for DE prize for data visualisation. Since 2017, he has expanded the N/LAB research centre from its initial 3 members to over 20 research fellows, PhDs and academic staff.




With a proven grant record, and being PI/CO-I on Research programmes of over £15m since 2015 (EPSRC, ESRC, Gates, British Council, Newton) he is an accomplished coordinator of large, international research projects, with rich experience of bringing research to real world impact in applications of sustainability. This research has used novel Big Data streams (mass retail data, telco logs, mobility data) to reveal key behaviours/ drivers underpinning UN SDGs. (Sustainable Development Goals). Work has advanced knowledge in behavioural factors contributing to: food waste (UK/Innovate UK), mental health (UK/EPSRC), Perinatal Mortality (Zanzibar/DfID); Dengue Fever transmission (Malaysia/British Council); Domestic Servitude and Gender Inequality (North India/Arise); Educational Development Challenges (Malawi/ESRC); and factors perpetuating poverty in in East Africa (Tanzania/EPSRC). A founding committee member of UN’s Code 8.7 initiative to use AI to end modern slavery, and lead for NHS’s data science program.


In order to establish N/LAB as a permanent centre, James also build strong data-sharing partnerships with a wide array of businesses, including: Walgreen Boots Alliance, Marks & Spencer, 7-eleven (China), TiGo (Tanzania), Ipsos Mori, Experian and the NHS. This has resulted in production of a research dataset covering the behaviour of around 100 million people across the world, and a growing body of multi-institutional projects. James also has extensive lecturing experience (successfully convening 9 different UoN modules), won the 2018 MSc teaching award, and has supervised 15 PhDs (9 to completion as of writing) plus over 100 Masters Dissertation projects.



Reseach areas

Behavioural Analytics, Machine Learning, Time Series Prediction, International Development, Consumer Psychology, Econometrics.

James is currently collaborating on the following projects:

  • CDT in Geospatial Systems (led by Newcastle)
  • Horizon: Trusted Data Driven Products

Recent Publications

Journal article 2022 R. Lavelle-Hill, J. Harvey, G. Smith, A. Mazumder, M. Ellis, K. Mwantimwa, J. Goulding, (2022), “Using mobile money data and call detail records to explore the risks of urban migration in Tanzania”, , Vol.11(28).

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