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Francisco Salgado-Castillo

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Francisco Salgado-Castillo

G.19a, Cassie Building, Newcastle University, NE1 7RU


About Francisco

My name is Francisco, and I’m a part of Newcastle University’s fourth cohort of students in the EPSRC CDT in Geospatial Systems.


Before joining the CDT, I worked as a research assistant at Universidad del Azuay’s Instituto de Estudios de Régimen Seccional del Ecuador (IERSE) in Cuenca, Ecuador. Our interdisciplinary team worked with geospatial and earth observation data for Ecuador’s social and environmental development.


My PhD project is centred on enhancing vegetation phenology monitoring, which studies the timing of seasonal life cycle events in plants. This enhancement will be achieved by utilising existing traffic camera networks, dashcams, drones, and remote sensing data. The aim is to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of these infrastructures and the use of historical data in ecological observations with an emphasis on accurately capturing phenological changes. Additionally, the project seeks to bridge the gap between engineering and environmental science, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of this research.


My profound interest in geospatial systems has led me to believe that the CDT is the perfect place to develop the skills I need to serve my research community better and assist in our countries’ sustainable development.


PhD Research

Remote capture across platforms for wild plant conservation.



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