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Hope Irvine

G19a Cassie Building, Newcastle University, NE1 7RU



I received my undergraduate degree in BSc Archaeology at Newcastle University in 2023. My dissertation used remote sensing and spatial analysis to map and analyse funerary monuments in Southern Morocco and their relationship to ancient landscapes.


I was successful in winning a competitive grant application to be part of a climate research scholarship programme, where I used the declassified spy satellite footage HEXAGON to detect desertification in Southern Morocco. I presented the poster and a presentation for this work at the “Celebrating Climate Leadership Scholarship and Exhibitions” conference in 2022. (See here for the poster and here for the presentation.


This lead to me becoming a co-author on a paper in Nature Scientific Reports entitled “Detecting Desertification in the Ancient Oases of Southern Morocco”. This paper used machine learning algorithms to detect desertification in Southern Morocco.


I am currently a research associate on the Vanishing Landscapes project, which uses remote sensing such as SAR and HEXAGON to detect the impact of climate change in Iraq.


I was also part of the National Innovation Centre for Data’s Data Bootcamp, where I worked with real world data to understand how data can be utilised for business goals.


My project within the CDT concerns the use of Big Data in the study of Ancient landscapes within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) and aims to utilise Machine Learning algorithms to study the impact of climate change on vulnerable heritage.


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