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Keneuoe Maliehe

Nottingham Geospatial Institute, University of Nottingham, NG7 2TU


About Keneuoe Maliehe

Keneuoe Maliehe, a thought leader in geoinformatics and remote sensing, is currently in her third year of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Geospatial Systems studentship. Her career and research signify a profound commitment to leveraging geospatial technology for environmental sustainability and economic development, particularly in her home continent of Africa. Her work stands as an inspiring example of how interdisciplinary approaches can address critical global challenges like climate change.


With a rich academic background, including degrees from the University of Pretoria, Maynooth University and University of Nottingham, Keneuoe has become a key figure in environmental sustainability. Her career, marked by leadership roles at CAD Mapping and KaTZ Smart, reflects her commitment to bridging the digital divide with innovative geospatial tools. Her current research, ‘Earth Observations, Digital Footprints and Machine Learning in Greenhouse Gas Stocktaking for Climate Change Mitigation – from City to Country Scales,’ is setting new frontiers in climate policy and mitigation strategies in South Africa, aiming to transform our understanding of greenhouse gas emissions through cutting-edge AI and Earth observation techniques.


Keneuoe is a member of the CDT in Geospatial Systems, Nottingham Geospatial Institute, and the Neo-demographics Lab (N/Lab) at the University of Nottingham



Educational Background: Keneuoe holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography and a Bachelor of Science Honours in Geoinformatics from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. She has also earned a postgraduate certificate in Geomatics and Participation as part of a Master of Science in Geomatics program at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany, a Master of Science in GIS and Remote Sensing from Maynooth University, Ireland and lastly a Master of Research in Geospatial Data Science from the University of Nottingham during the first year of her CDT studentship.


Professional Achievements: Maliehe’s career is marked by significant achievements, including receiving the Africa-Ireland Fellowship, being recognised as an elite scholar by Maynooth University and a recipient of a Top 200 Young South Africans award in the Science and Technology category by Mail and Guardian in 2020. Her previous roles as a director at CAD Mapping and Chief Scientist at KaTZ Smart highlight her leadership in introducing technologies for development and bridging the digital gap with space-based and airborne datasets. She has shown a particular interest in sustainability and Net-Zero initiatives, focusing on climate change mitigation.


Industry Experience: Maliehe has worked in various sectors, including consulting engineering, aerial surveying, and geospatial product development. Her work aligns with environmental management, sustainability, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She is committed to using geospatial technology as a tool for economic development and decision-making in Africa.


Keneuoe Maliehe’s PhD research project, titled “Earth Observations, Digital Footprints, and Machine Learning in Greenhouse Gas Stocktaking for Climate Change Mitigation – from City to Country Scales,” explores the use of machine learning and Earth observation techniques to better characterise methane emissions. The project, supervised by Prof Stuart Marsh, Dr James Goulding, and Dr Salim Alam, aims to develop a novel multidisciplinary processing strategy that combines satellite imagery, chemical box and transport modelling, with AI-driven modelling. The focus is on the Gauteng province and surrounding areas in South Africa, with the goal of implementing the model at a country scale after development, thereby creating a countrywide emissions inventory.


This work is crucial for climate change mitigation efforts and supports the development of effective climate policies in South Africa.


Visit this link to keep up to date with Keneuoe’s PhD research project

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