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Rebecca Guiney

G.19a Cassie Building, Newcastle University, NE1 7RU


About Rebecca Guiney

My name is Rebecca Guiney and prior to joining the CDT in Geospatial Systems at Newcastle University, I completed my undergraduate degree in Mathematics at Trinity College Dublin. Throughout my studies I was particularly drawn to the statistical elements of the course and amazed and excited by the power of statistics and data to transform our understanding of the world. These skills and interests I developed during my time at Trinity, coupled with an interest in global environmental issues, sustainable development and an ambition to find solutions led me to apply to the Geospatial Systems CDT.

One of the many features that attracted me to the CDT was the MRes + PhD structure. The opportunity to explore different areas of research and refine my interests while developing a broad knowledge and understanding of geospatial technology and methods in the first year of the program, makes the task of undertaking PhD research a lot less daunting. I look forward to gaining expertise and guidance from the multidisciplinary team of experts within the CDT and learning from and alongside my fellow students across cohorts.




The development of geospatial technology in adapting systems and societies to withstand the impacts of a changing global environment is an area I would like to pursue research in. I am also interested in the emerging discipline of geospatial artificial intelligence; combining spatial data science with cutting edge machine learning technologies to extract knowledge from big spatial data. In particular, I’m intrigued by applications of geospatial intelligence to urban flood risk management, vulnerability assessment and smart city technology.


Ultimately through the PhD I hope to build up a solid foundation to continue my involvement in innovative research and to contribute to the development of spatial tools to assist decision-makers in understanding future patterns of risk and to plan for sustainable management.

PhD Research

Investigating the capabilities of multi-scale and multi-sensor data to monitor rapidly depleting groundwater resources in Delhi, India. 

The overall aim of my project is to analyse the relative capabilities of multi-sensor and multi-scale geospatial data, including in-situ observations, GRACE gravity anomalies, InSAR ground displacement data and hydrological models, to facilitate accurate monitoring and understanding of changing groundwater resources across the megacity of Delhi, India. In particular, the value of the information extracted from the various data sources, from a perspective of water management, will be investigated. This process will involve quantifying both groundwater storage change and land subsidence across the region using geospatial techniques, investigating the relationship between ground deformation, groundwater storage change and the variability of elasticity properties in the underlying aquifer system, and exploring methods to integrate data to better inform groundwater management.


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