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Tahsinur Khan

Nottingham Geospatial Institute, University of Nottingham, NG7 2TU


About Tahsinur Khan

My name is Tahsinur but friends just call me Tahsin. Prior to commencing my PhD studentship at Geospatial Systems CDT, I completed my Masters in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence Track) from University of Nottingham and hold an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University.


While contemplating PhD programs last year, I considered places that would allow me to continue my multidisciplinary research combining frontier technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain with creating social good. That drew me to Geospatial Systems CDT. The integrated approach, followed at the CDT, to synthesize and analyze data from various geospatial sources can create holistic representations of various ground situations. This can range from aiding in uncovering epidemiological patterns of widespread diseases to combating climate change and giving insights into the socioeconomic conditions that breed severe human catastrophes such as child labor and modern slavery.


The scope and opportunity of research at Geospatial Systems CDT will allow me to expand my knowledge and develop skills for performing machine learning based spatio-temporal forecasting to various data modalities. I am particularly interested to use this research to uncover hidden correlations and visualize higher dimensional geospatial data. Through my research at Geospatial Systems CDT, I hope to provide data-driven perspectives for effective policy making at governmental and industrial levels.


PhD Research

PhD title: Mapping food systems and soil quality using agent-based models: Intervention strategies, demand and behaviour.



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