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Pint of Science is a science festival that brings cutting edge research to the public by inviting researchers to give talks in pubs, cafes and other public spaces. Having been a fan for several years, I was really happy to be able to give a talk at this year’s Nottingham event. I spoke first in the evening, followed by Dr Genevieve Hodgins (GCR Biochar Demonstrator) and Professor Simon Gosling (School of Geography).


I presented under Pint of Science’s “Planet Earth” theme at the Beeston Social with a talk entitled “Studying climate change from space”. I kept this title intentionally broad, hoping to pique public interest in climate change while leaving enough room to discuss both my PhD research and that of some of my Geospatial Systems CDT colleagues. I also took the chance to educate a little on what Earth Observation is, how different wavelengths can be used to observe different phenomena and the various types of satellites in orbit around our planet.


I’d like to thank Keneuoe Maliehe (Cohort 3) and Sam Valman (Cohort 2) for letting me share some of their fascinating work on greenhouse gas emission detection and river temperature monitoring. Alongside my work on soil moisture monitoring, this gave a nice breadth of topics across the spectrum of Earth Observation and gave the audience a glimpse into how impactful this work can be.


The audience seemed really interested, with a few informal chats lasting long after the presentation had ended! Questions tended to be very different to those I am used to fielding at conferences – less focus on what I was doing, but more on why I was doing it. Why is it important to do this? Could you use it to solve this problem instead? Why is public money being spent on this? All great questions and, in my opinion, more widely important than the specifics of a methodology or error statistics.


If you’re interested in watching the talk, it was recorded and uploaded here

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